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how the fm line started

The FM line was established in 2022. The founder of the line, Colt Pitcher, noticed that the merch he was selling at his automotive shop had become a big hit among customers, so he decided to produce more and more, and eventually decided to start the FM Line. The FM Line can reach people in not only Plattsburgh NY, where Colt's shop is located, but now he can provide bad-ass merch to people all over the country. 

Make sure to come back to the site regularly, so you don't miss out on new merch drops!

the o.g.
fuelly motorvated

Fuelly Motorvated is an automotive shop that specializes in customization. Located in Plattsburgh NY, you can make your ride stand out with name brand parts, ceramic coating, graphene coating, tires/wheels and more.

Colt's Truck
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